Business Phone Number Added to Better Serve KID Customers

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) Customer Service Department received over 23,000 phone calls in April this year. Due to the large amount of phone calls, the KID Board of Directors chose to purchase an automated Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) phone system. On July 10th, 2017, KID will be launching the corporate phone number 509-586-6012. Customers […]

Unaffiliated Bill Payment Service Targeting KID Customers

It has come to our attention that a company known as Doxo, Inc., is using our contact information and reputation to market its online bill payment service to potential customers. KID is not in partnership with this company and have not authorized them to use our logo or materials. Currently, KID does offer online bill […]

KID Board of Directors Vacancy

Kennewick Irrigation District Director Patrick McGuire has decided to retire from the Board after over eight years of dedicated service to the District.  The Benton County Board of Commissioners will be asked to appoint an interim Director position 2 to fill the vacancy left by his departure.   The person appointed to this position will […]

Chandler Pumping Plant down – Irrigation start up delay for most of KID’s customers

Kennewick Irrigation District has been informed by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) that our main pumping plant near Prosser has to be shut down due to mechanical issues. The delay will be 6-10 days depending on how quickly the repairs can be made. KID will make every effort to support Reclamation’s repair process. We will […]

Kennewick Irrigation District Exploring Title Transfer

On Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, the KID Board of Directors approved a Resolution regarding the exploration of title transfer of the Kennewick Division (KID) from the United States Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation). With less than five years remaining on KID’s contract with Reclamation, the Board determined that it may be in the best interest of […]

Keep watch for burrowing animals

Have you seen signs of burrowing animals in your area? Water season is about to begin and Kennewick Irrigation District is asking our valued customers, including private line area residents, to watch for signs of burrowing animals near the canals. Burrowing animals have been an on-going challenge for irrigators as they have damaged canals all […]

KID Anticipates Good 2017 Water Season

The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) released a preliminary forecast of a 96% water supply for Yakima Basin irrigation districts. The number released today is an early estimate and conditions and water available to KID can change throughout the season due to things such as lack of precipitation or increased air temperatures. Though KID […]

Kennewick Irrigation District Office Closure

The Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) would like to let our customers know that the District office, located at 2015 S Ely Street, will be closed on Thursday, March 9th for staff training. Regular office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. will resume on Friday, March 10th. If you have questions during the time the […]

Southridge Project – Phase 1

In 2012, the Oregonian ran an article stating that the Tri-Cities area was growing at pace that exceeded national averages. Today that number continues to grow and we are becoming known as a desirable destination for living, planting, and recreating. Everywhere we look the evidence of this growth is obvious. Whether change and growth are [...]

Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Plan — Winter 2016 Update

As the 2016 irrigation season comes to a close, KID is grateful for the improved water supply and snowpack conditions in the basin that have enabled us to avoid any watering restrictions this year. However, the possibility of drought in the Yakima basin always looms, as we were reminded of again this spring when predictions [...]