• The start of the water season is upon us.  Please be sure to check your riser and valve for freeze damage and call KID if repairs are needed.  Repairs in private line areas may be the responsibility of the property owner.  Call KID if in doubt.
  • Close your valve before water is turned on to prevent flooding.
  • The irrigation system takes about two weeks to be fully filled, flushed, and to have all pump stations operating for the season.  As part of an approved USBR pump test, you will start seeing water in some parts of the canal as early as March 29th this year.  First water availability, by area, will range from April 1 to April 17th.  See the irrigation water turn-on schedule in your service area on the Water On 2013 Map.
  • The water supply this year looks great with full supply anticipated.
  • Your irrigation assessment bill should have arrived.  Contact KID customer service at 509-586-9111 if you have not received your irrigation assessment bill.  The first half of the assessment is due on April 30th.  Rates have not increased for the fourth consecutive year!

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