Kennewick Irrigation District’s daily water supply is limited by how much water we are allowed to take from the Yakima River.  Scheduling allows customers to maximize equitable use of the limited water.  The District requests homeowners to begin following this schedule immediately. 

Homeowners should water only during their two assigned A.M. or P.M. blocks, as scheduled by the last digit of their street address (house number).  Watering may be up to 30 minutes per zone, station or sprinkler. 

 The District will allow use of high efficiency drip or micro-spray systems, or use of hand watering or a sprinkler attached to a hose to water backyard vegetable gardens or perennials outside of the scheduled times.

 This schedule was designed using statistical data, analyzed to balance customer water usage and facilitate equitable distribution to all customers.  Enforcement of the schedule will begin May 31st.