Return flows in the Yakima River have seen a steep reduction and therefore, water available to the Kennewick Irrigation District has dropped. Effective immediately, K.I.D. customers will need to eliminate spot watering with hoses those areas of lawn showing signs of distress.

Customers will be allowed to continue to water according to the established watering schedule for up to 30 minutes per area. Use of a single hose or high efficiency devices will continue to be allowed to water trees, shrubs, perennials, and vegetable gardens.

K.I.D. will be contacting water masters and those with over 3 acre parcels of land with revisions to the watering schedules, but also requests that water masters contact K.I.D.

The District would like to remind our customers that K.I.D. has less than a 30 hour window for which to receive information regarding changes to the amount of water available for delivery to our customers. To best provide additional water to our customers, as it becomes available, frequent alterations to the watering guidelines will likely continue throughout these drought conditions.

Current watering guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.