Welcome to the 2016 water season. I would like to thank all of you for your understanding and cooperation with the District dealing with last year’s water shortage. Without the drastic measures taken last year — reduced water deliveries, water scheduling, and the many other actions that the District had to take — we all could have suffered much more than we did.

The good news is that this year’s water supply is much improved. It looks as though we will have a full water supply this year, yet last year will not soon be forgotten. The Board is fully committed to continue to make changes to the system to help with the next shortage, which will happen again. Water conservation within the District, with canal lining, automated flow control, increased storage, pump consolidations – just to mention a few of our efforts – will continue to be the top priority for the future. These will assure the District’s best use of whatever water supply we have.

We will also continue to work with State and Federal agencies, other irrigation districts, and others, on the Integrated Plan: a huge plan to improve the reserve storage of water and better manage water flow for the benefit of all the users of the Yakima River system. When completed, irrigation districts, fish, recreational users, and others will all benefit. However, we are also committed to preserving our District’s water supply for the future.

We recently moved into our new administration building, which finally brings all of the District departments together in one location and hopefully, you will have the opportunity to experience an improved level of customer service, as a result. Finally, I would like to invite all of you to attend a District meeting in the future, as your input is always welcome.

We all look forward to serving you and wish a great watering season to you all.

David McKenzie
Board President