The Kennewick Irrigation District is excited to report that through our Helping Hands program, over $18,000 has been distributed this year to help 68 families avoid foreclosure due to an inability to pay irrigation assessments. The Helping Hands program is funded by 30% of penalty charges for late payments collected by KID and through the generous donations of our customers. KID is believed to be the only public entity using a portion of late fees to assist community members in this way.

KID is a Yakima Project irrigation district and per federal agreement must collect annual irrigation assessments on all property within the defined boundaries of the KID, in part to help assure repayment of costs associated with the creation of the District. KID recognizes that at times paying these assessments may be difficult for some homeowner’s who are experiencing financial hardship. For that reason, in 2011 KID made the decision to offer assistance to our customers to help them to avoid foreclosure. The Helping Hands program provides assistance in paying annual irrigation assessments for qualified applicants. KID partners with the Benton-Franklin Community Action Connection, which provides the screening and administration for the program.

Donations to Helping Hands may be made in-person at KID or by using the donation option provided on customer payment coupons. All donations are tax deductible and every dollar donated goes to helping customers in need.

Customers who are interested in finding out if they qualify for the Helping Hands program can find information here on the District’s website or by contacting the KID Customer Service at 509.586.9111.