Between August 24, 2016 and August 25, 2016 the City of Richland will begin work conducting feasibility studies in relation to the potential transfer of the Lorayne J water system to the City of Richland.  

The studies are being conducted on behalf of the City of Richland and through the direction and funding of the Health Department. The purpose is to determine upgrades and improvements needed by the City of Richland prior to them taking over the domestic water system and to meet City standards.    

The City of Richland will be looking at water service lines, existing valves and fire hydrants (at the valve) and is estimated to take three days, once work has started. 

KID would like to thank the Lorayne J water users for their patience during this time.

Questions on the study and related to the work being conducted may be directed to KID Assistant Engineering Manager, Ben Woodard at (509) 586-9111 x112.