The Kennewick Irrigation District wants to let customers know that a complete shutdown of water delivery at the Chandler Pumps will be necessary to locate and repair leaks at the concrete lined section of the main canal near Badger Road and Interstate 82.

On Friday, KID crews shut down water delivery to the main canal, but kept service on to customers served by the Badger East and Badger West Canals. This partial shutdown left about eight inches of water in the Main Canal. Unfortunately, this drawdown was not low enough to establish the source of the problem, and it is necessary to completely shut off water delivery at the Chandler Pumps to find and repair the leaks.

Customers served off the Main Canal, Division 4 Canal, the Highland Feeder Canal, Badger East and Badger West Canals will experience an interruption of service.

Crews are working through the weekend to locate and repair the leak as quickly as possible. However, it is unlikely that all systems will be back up and running by Monday, as we will not know the extent of the damage until the canal is completely drained and inspected. We will update you when we have more information.