The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) released a preliminary forecast for 2019 Total Water Supply Available (TWSA).

Conditions and water available to KID can change throughout the season due to things such as lack of precipitation or increased air temperatures. KID is a pro-ratable water right holder, the forecast for the Yakima basin indicates the water supply will be pro-rationed to 90% this irrigation season. These water supply forecasts will be provided by the USBR monthly, through July.

KID would like to remind our customers that wise water use is always encouraged. We live in a region which receives an average of only 7 inches of precipitation per year. KID strongly recommends retraining your lawn to grow deeper roots which better withstand dry periods by watering turf grass less frequently, but for longer durations. Other water wise ideas include use of high efficiency watering systems, replacing water thirsty lawn grass and planting vegetation with low-water requirements.