Our next training segment is with our long-standing client, Kennewick Irrigation District in the State of Washington. In the past, we have provided Kennewick with presentations and drills on Active Killer Scenarios, Crisis Communications, and Site Assessment with the goal of minimizing liability and vulnerability and maximizing safety and survivability.

Next week, we will visit our old friends to provide an in-depth, focused presentation followed by drills as part of their on-going Active Killer Prevention & Response Training. The program will commence with a review of potential pre-attack indicators with the goal of recognizing the behaviors of someone contemplating a mass killing and the best means of intervention before – or modes of response when threat appears imminent.

Managers, utilizing Incident Command Systems, will test company policies and procedures in practice emergency situations which will also include responses to natural disasters, horrific accidents, and cyber threats. All Assistant Managers will be in the drill as well to ensure continuity of Incident Command should primary Managers be absent or injured.

Employees who work directly with customers will drill on crisis communications, and all employees will receive training in self-defense maneuvers, de-escalation techniques, and personal pre-attack indicators when dealing with customers in the field.


All staff will practice survival techniques that go beyond merely locking down in an Active Killer Situation. Countermeasures will be taught in the event an escape route is blocked or a barricade is breached. In addition, all will be educated on the use and application of a Combat Tourniquet as a way to mitigate casualties.

We look forward to another productive experience with Kennewick!

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