OPERATIONAL TESTING | Beginning Monday, March 8th, for a period of approximately three weeks, we will be conducting operational testing on certain systems throughout our District. Operational testing is performed on systems that have a water source, such as a pond, and have the ability to pressurize the pipeline system servicing your home prior to the normal irrigation season beginning.

Each system generally takes 2-3 days to test, which will begin each morning and may last until 7:00pm. More information can be found at kid.org, under the “Water Status Map” link for updates to the exact date in which the pressure test will occur in your neighborhood.

Due to the complexity of the system, some areas cannot be tested ahead of time.

Operational testing reduces future service interruptions and helps us determine where maintenance activities are needed before water is regularly available for your system. We ask that you please be sure to isolate or turn off any KID connection point before Monday, March 8th and encourage you to call customer service at 509.586.9111 to report any leaks.

We look forward to a successful irrigation season!