It is officially the 2021 irrigation season! ?You can check our water status map at for estimated dates on when water will be delivered to your area.

Deliveries are expected to begin on April 7th.

A popular question I received last year is why it takes so long for water to be delivered. Before I started at KID, I thought a gate opened and water came rushing down, however, it actually takes several days just for the water to fill the roughly 75 miles of canal we operate, then it has to flow through over 400 miles of pipe! (An upcoming video post  ?  will show how slow it moves)

☎️  To report an outage or if you have questions | Call 509.586.9111.

Our customer service team is here to help. I am also here to help.

❗️ For after-hour emergencies | Call 509.586.8000

Finally, if you have a question that can wait or want to know something in general, please email me at Odds are, you aren’t the only one wanting to know. I will provide answers in future social media posts!