2019 KID Election


By law, nominations for the Kennewick Irrigation District annual election closed at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 4, 2019.

Kirk Rathbun was unopposed for Position 1. Pursuant to RCW 87.03.075, the Board of Directors declared him elected at the November 5, 2019 Board meeting.

Candidates for Position 4 (in the order that nominating petitions were received) are Dean Dennis and Arland Ward.

The election for Position 4 will be held the second Tuesday in December (December 10, 2019).

Absentee Voting

Any qualified district elector who certifies that he or she cannot conveniently be present to vote in person on December 10, 2019 may vote by absentee ballot.  See RCW 87.03.032.  To receive an absentee ballot, you must turn in a completed and signed a Request for Absentee Ballots form.

Absentee ballot requests will be filled after ballots have been printed in November, through December 9, 2019.   Absentee ballots will not be issued on Election Day.

However, Electors are reminded that the voted absentee ballots must be returned to the District office by 8:00 p.m. on December 10, 2019 or be postmarked by midnight on December 10, 2019 and received within five days of that date.  (RCW 87.03.033)  The Kennewick Irrigation District can make no guarantee timely mail delivery and recommends that absentee ballot requests be mailed or delivered to KID at least one week in advance of the election.

In person:

Requests for Absentee Ballots forms delivered in person at the District office located at 2015 South Ely Street will be filled during business hours, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., after ballots have been printed, through December 9, 2019.

Via mail:

Ballots and Certificates of Qualifications will be mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to eligible voters from whom signed Request for Absentee Ballots forms are received via mail.


Electors planning to cast ballots for a spouse or for a corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, limited-liability corporation or other legal entity should consult RCW 87.03.051.  The following authorization forms are available and should be completed and submitted with your Request for Absentee Ballots form, if applicable:

If you would like to be mailed absentee voting request forms, please call Customer Service at 509-586-9111 and press “0”.

Statutory Deadline for Receipt of Voted Absentee Ballots

Absentee Ballots must conform to statutory requirements and be returned to the District’s Administrative Office by 8:00 p.m. on December 10, 2019 or be postmarked by midnight on December 10, 2019 and received within five days of that date.  RCW 87.03.033.