Effective May 31st, Kennewick Irrigation District Begins Enforcing Mandatory Watering Schedules

This morning during open session, the K.I.D. Board of Directors unanimously voted to begin implementing a mandatory watering schedule for K.I.D. customers. The new schedule was designed using analytical data aimed at leveling out water usage by customers and therefore, putting less of a strain on the system. Home owners will be notified that beginning […]

KID Prepares for a Low-Water Year

Monday afternoon the United States Bureau of Reclamation released the final forecast for total water supply available to irrigation districts in the Yakima Basin. As a water right holder, with pro-ratable right, K.I.D. will receive an estimated 73%of its total allotted amount of water for the 2015 irrigation season. During drought years, K.I.D. operation costs […]

Preparation for a Low-Water Year

Currently, snowpack levels are well below 50% of average and this means it will very likely be a low-water year. K.I.D. water resources depend heavily on snowpack in the mountains: slow melt sustains water supplies throughout the summer, in the Yakima Basin. It has been unusually warm and wet down here in the desert this past […]