Cleaning pump filters

KID Operations crews clean pump filters often during the hot summer months to prevent algae build up. It’s important to clean and check your filters and screens to prevent blockages. To learn more, watch our helpful videos at: Kennewick Irrigation District

Congressman Newhouse introduces legislation H.R. 6552

Yesterday, Congressman Newhouse visited our office to announce legislation H.R. 6652, federal legislation to transfer title of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) lands to KID. We would like to thank Congressman Newhouse for introducing this important legislation for our District and community. Title transfer allows the District to take ownership of what our customers have […]

Automatic Slipmeters Installed

Crews installed 2 automatic slipmeters. This provides automated control of the Division 4 canal which serves most of Kennewick and all of Finley. The work being done helps us to provide a more consistent water delivery for our customers. Kennewick Irrigation District

Algae Bloom

Here is a behind the scenes look at one of the challenges we battle during the hot summer months. The district spends over $330,000 per year just in chemicals to control algae growth. Once the treatment is completed, it breaks apart the algae causing it to flow down to the weed screens (as pictured). This […]

Pipeline Improvement Projects

Buried pipelines are an important component to the irrigation system that delivers water to our customers. Our pipeline replacement projects provide customers with reduced outages and more consistent water pressure. Kennewick Irrigation District

Rocks found in our canals

These large rocks were found in one of our canals, stacked as though someone was trying to create a dam in the middle of the canal. As our vegetation management team has been treating the canal, algae has broken off and drifted down the canal and attached to the rocks. The rocks and algae became […]

Amon Basin MOU

Today during the KID Board Meeting, KID entered into an agreement with the Tapteal Greenway, the Lower Columbia Audubon Society, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to promote open channels of communication between the groups regarding the management of activities within the Amon Basin. The Amon Basin contains numerous resources that are important […]

Copper canal treatment

Today our Vegetation Management team treated the Badger East and West Canal with a copper treatment. During the hot summer months algae growth can begin to clog filters. This Copper Treatment helps to decrease the presence of algae in our canals. For more information on how to clean you filters/screens watch our helpful videos at: […]

Canal Safety

As temperatures rise this summer we want to remind you that canals are not for play- stay away! Child safety continues to be a community concern. Together we can prevent a tragedy. This photo was take 4/13/18 The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provides irrigation districts with safety and drowning prevention coloring books for children. Please […]

Wise Water Wednesday

Here’s our Wise Water Wednesday tip of the day: For more information on ways to conserve water visit: Kennewick Irrigation District