Irrigation Water Allotment Transfers

KID will provide an opportunity for KID water users owning two or more eligible agricultural parcels within KID Project Boundaries, or, if authorized by the land owner, water users leasing such parcels, to temporarily transfer water allotments for one water season. Water allotment transfers are only allowed for transferring the 3.5 acre-feet per acre per year KID irrigation water allotment from irrigated assessed land to fallow irrigable land or land classified as irrigable non-assessed land. All irrigation water allotment transfers must meet Federal and State law requirements and KID and Bureau of Reclamation Policies and Procedures. (Policy 4.21)



  1. All land parcels that irrigation water is being transferred from must have existing irrigation water allotments within KID.
  2. All land parcels that irrigation water is being transferred to must be within KID boundaries and be fallow irrigable land or land classified as irrigable non-assessed land.
  3. A KID Annual Water Transfer Agreement form must be completed, signed, and submitted at least fifteen working days prior to the first day of irrigation water delivery of the transferred irrigation water allotment, along with the annual fee as set by the current KID Resolution setting fees.
  4. Once submitted, KID will have ten working days to return in writing an approved or denied response and the reasons for the decision.
  5. All assessments against each parcel involved in the irrigation water allotment transfer must be paid in full prior to the submittal of the Annual Irrigation Water Transfer Agreement. All parcels involved in the transferred irrigation water allotment must be located on the same canal or lateral.
  6. Delivery of irrigation water to the parcels involved in the proposed water allotment transfer must be determined by the KID Engineering/Operations Manager to be within the design limits of the canal system and delivery point.
  7. All owners of each parcel (including spouses, if applicable) must sign the completed Annual Water Transfer form.
  8. No irrigable land within the KID boundaries receiving KID irrigation water will be allocated more than 3.5 acre-feet per acre per year.

Leased Parcels:

  1. Persons other than parcel owners requesting water allotment transfers will be required to submit documents authorizing them to manage the water allotment of the parcels, such as a copy of a signed lease agreement including authorizing language. The requesting party is also responsible for obtaining the owner(s) signatures on the KID Annual Irrigation Water Transfer Agreement form.

To inquire about getting a Water Allotment Transfer, contact the Engineering Department at 509.586.9111.