Irrigation Water Allotment Allocation

Information and Instructions for Requesting an Irrigation Water Allotment Allocation


If you are interested in adding an irrigation allotment to property located within the boundaries of a KID service area, you can send an email request to:

Jason McShane
Engineering and Operations Manager
Please include the associated parcel numbers and the acreage requested.

The KID Engineering Department will maintain a continuous list of those who inquire about adding a water allotment. There is no set application period for allocations and the continuous list will be carried forward from year to year. Irrigation allotments have a limited availability depending on many factors, including location, canal source and acreage size all of which are managed carefully by the KID to protect the water right and abide by the laws of the contract between the KID and the Bureau of Reclamation.

When allocations become available, the KID Engineering Department will refer to the list and make contact to discuss the allocation application and fee requirements with that individual. All approved allocation recipients are responsible for costs associated with the installation of their irrigation infrastructure and will be allowed 36 months after approval to complete construction.

If you have specific questions about allocations you may contact Jason McShane, KID Engineering & Operations Manager at 509-586-9111, ext. 103.

If you need more information, please call the KID Customer Service Department at (509) 586-6012 or send e-mail to:

Irrigation Water Allotment Policy & Procedures