Great news for KID water users for 2019!

The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) released a preliminary forecast for 2019 Total Water Supply Available (TWSA). Conditions and water available to KID can change throughout the season due to things such as lack of precipitation or increased air temperatures. KID is a pro-ratable water right holder, the forecast for the Yakima basin indicates […]

Snow Pack and Water Supply

With all the snow coming down in the Tri Cities, this is a great time to remember where we get our KID irrigation water. When it snows in the Tri Cities, it seems like it should contribute to KID’s summer water supply. Unfortunately, that is not the case. KID diverts water out of the Yakima […]

Canal Lining

During water off our crews are preparing for the 2019 water season. These pictures show the progression of the canal lining project along the Badger East canal from Interstate 182 to Queensgate.

KID Customer Service Department gather supplies and donations for the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission

In the season of giving, the KID Customer Service Department worked to gather supplies and donations for the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission to help those in need. Due to the amount of funds raised and donations received, Customer Service was able to put together 100 bags that each contained a blanket, socks, scarf, hat, gloves, […]

Badger East Canal Lining Project

As part of the Badger East Canal lining project, crews are modifying the siphons at each end of the canal. The HDPE liner will be attached to the concrete, which helps ensure a water tight canal. Crews will also be installing weed screens to keep weeds and debris out of the siphon, and enhance safety […]

Badger East Canal Lining Prep

During the water off season, operation crews have begun the prep work to install HDPE liner on the Badger East Canal in Country Ridge. Crews are currently tearing out the old concrete liner before they can begin redesigning the canals for the HDPE liner. Kennewick Irrigation District

Zintel Canyon community cleanup event, November 10th

Last weekend, 150 community members along with KID employees came together to help the City of Kennewick make improvements to Zintel Canyon. Trees and shrubs were trimmed, graffiti was painted over, weeds were pulled, garbage was cleared out, paths were cleared for emergency vehicles and big steps were taken in making Zintel Canyon a safer […]

Zintel Canyon Community Meeting – Wednesday, October 24th

The City of Kennewick is inviting the public to a Community Meeting regarding Zintel Canyon’s nature trail on Wednesday, October 24th at 5:30pm at the Kennewick Irrigation District office – 2015 S Ely St., Kennewick, WA. Representatives from multiple City departments, along with representation from the Kennewick Irrigation District, will provide important updates on current […]

KID Staff were invited to the Benton Franklin Health District Family Night

KID Staff were invited to the Benton Franklin Health District Family Night yesterday to speak with parents about health and wellness. Our Public Relations Coordinator Shelbea and Customer Service Representative Lindy attended and spoke with parents about the importance of canal safety and how to educate children that canals are not for play- stay away. […]