Directors are elected by the District’s ratepayers to serve three-year terms. Any qualified District elector may run to serve a three-year term as one of the five members of the Kennewick Irrigation District Board of Directors. The terms are staggered so that at least one position is up for election each year.

Dean Dennis


Mr. Dennis is a long time resident of the Tri-Cities. He served on the Board in 2012 by appointment of the Benton County Board of Commissioners. His current tenure as an elected member of the Board began in 2013. He is the President of the Board, and serves on the Finance Committee.
Kirk Rathbun

Mr. Rathbun owns farm land he leases out. He is also a land developer, and water purveyor in Benton County. Mr. Rathbun serves on the Realty Committee.
Gene Huffman

Vice President

Mr. Huffman has an educational background in Agriculture and has owned and operated a farm raising alfalfa, apples and onions. He worked as an electrical troubleshooter and service manager dealing with all phases of irrigation from design to implementation, as a heavy-duty mechanic and as a realtor. He served 20 years on a rural school board. Mr. Huffman is Vice President of the Board and chairs the Realty Committee.
David McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie owned and operated a John Deere dealership. He now manages his family farm raising cherries, grapes, hay and cattle. Mr. McKenzie chairs the Operations and Engineering Committee and the Finance Committee.
Raman Venkata

Mr. Venkata grew up in Kavali, A.P, a small town in South India and came to the United States in 1968 for Graduate Studies in Engineering. Mr. Venkata has an extensive educational background in Engineering and is currently a retired Professional Civil Engineer, and a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE). He has professional engineering experience working for various Engineering Corporations, most recently retiring from the US Department of Energy. Mr. Venkata is a Contributing Member of various ASCE National Standards Committees, and is an Adjunct Professor in Washington State University, Richland, WA. Mr. Venkata serves on the Operations and Engineering Committee.