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Water Order Portal

The Role of the Water Master

  • Be the point of contact for KID regarding the weir box, water orders and water availability
  • Be the point of con tact for your neighbors that use the water that has been ordered
  • Order water when needed and order water shut off’s when needed
  • Ensure that the box is clear of debris that would otherwise plug the line and overflow the box

Ordering Schedule

  • Weekday water orders must be received by 11am on the day preceding the desired water delivery
  • There are no changes to the water delivery on Sunday
  • There are no lateral deliveries on Saturday or Sunday
  • Any holidays that are observed on Monday will require water orders to be placed the Friday prior to the holiday, by 11am, to be delivered on the Tuesday following the holiday

Water Orders

Online | Click on the water order portal button below
By Phone | Call 509.586.6012 and push option 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers that are served by a turnout get notified they no longer have a water master due to resignation, death and/or incapacitation?

KID Will contact the water users of the area served by a turnout, irrigation pond and/or lateral pipe to update them of the change.

When will the ditch rider be at my turnout to fill my water order?

There is no set time for water to be delivered to a turnout. Ditch riders start at one end of the canal and proceed to the end of the canal filling water orders.

I called in my order at 2pm yesterday, why didn't I get my water order?

Weekday water orders must be received by 11am on the day preceding the desired water delivery.

I don't have an alternate Water Master and I will be out of town and unable to place orders myself. Can I assign a temporary alternate Water Master?

Yes, you can assign a temporary alternate Water Master for your turnout. You will have to provide KID with written notification that includes the temporary alternate’s name, phone number, address and email. The notification needs to include the dates of coverage.

I placed an order through the KID online portal but it didn't convert my order to CFS. How do I know the CFS if I order in points?

If the order screen doesn’t convert to CFS, call the office and we will get that corrected for you. If it is after hours, we have included a weir conversion chart in your packet of information so you can manually convert your order to CFS.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@kid.org or call 509.586.9111.