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KID District Manager, Charles Freeman testified in Washington, D.C. on Title Transfer

Yesterday, KID District Manager Charles Freeman was invited to testify at the Legislative Hearing on Title Transfer Bills. The hearing was held by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources in Washington, DC. Watch his testimony to hear the benefits of Title Transfer for the District. Kennewick Irrigation ...
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Irrigation water beneficial during the fire season

Irrigation water is mostly known for irrigating residential and agricultural acres, but did you know that KID irrigation water has also been beneficial during the fire season? KID assisted the Kennewick Fire Department by making water available to help control and put out fires in Kennewick just this year. Most ...
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Longest-serving Pump Technician retires after 39 years

Yesterday we came together to celebrate our longest-serving Pump Technician DeWayne Miller as he retires from KID after 39 years of service. He always said the most rewarding part of his job is that he left feeling good at the end of each day, because he is a problem solver ...
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Water Conservation Landscaping

KID was designed and landscaped with water conservation in mind, choosing low-water-use plants and installing gutters and downspouts that have direct runoff to plants and trees. For more information on how you can better conserve water please visit: Kennewick Irrigation District ...
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