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Wise Water 5.23.18

Our Helping Hands Program

Our Helping Hands program is designed to assist seniors and low income customers in a time of financial need. This year, thanks to our customer donations and allocated KID funds (from late fee revenue), we've helped 51 customers pay a portion of their KID assessment bill. We are proud to ...
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Wise Water Wednesday Tip

Here's our Wise Water Wednesday tip of the day! For more information visit: Kennewick Irrigation District ...
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Child Safety is a Community concern

Child safety is a community concern. Together we can prevent a tragedy. As temperatures warm up we would like to remind you that canals are not for play - stay away! Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children between the ages of 5 and 14. Supervision can ...
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Kennewick Fire Department help rescue a doe from KID canal

The Kennewick Fire Department helped rescue a doe from an irrigation canal at S Olympia and 47th Saturday morning. Fire crews at the scene say the deer likely slipped into the water while trying to get a drink and couldn’t get out. Once she was removed, with help from the Kennewick Irrigation ...
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